Retirement Fund Deductions: One door closes, another opens

According to the 2011 Budget Review, 1 March 2012 will see the introduction of a new dispensation for permissible deductions towards retirement funds. There is a clear twofold message behind these changes, particularly when read together with the taxation of lump sum benefits: – higher income earners will have to make additional provision for retirement

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Money Marketing

In today’s newsletter we feature an article from Adrian Saville. How have we dealt with the crisis – what is the real debt situation and where are the places for investors in the future are just some of the issues Saville addresses.   A Changed Global Fabric: Investing in the Post-Crisis Era   Dr Adrian Saville, CIO

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ZAR – A Volatile Currency

Glacier Research highlights to investors that the extreme volatility in the Rand “can translate into sizeable profits or losses over the short term and in turn increase the risk in a portfolio.  Your asset manager should essentially be able to successfully tap into offshore investing opportunities for better diversification in your portfolio, but at the

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The Weekly Focus

Market Comment The JSE All Share Index gained another 2.4% last week and is trading at a new 2009 high today (Monday 19th October). The market is also back at early September 2008 levels, as well as February 2007 levels. Our market continues to follow the offshore markets, with both the MSCI Emerging Markets Index

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A lot of Good News

Charles Snyman of the Efficient Group is well known and never stops to amaze me by his tremendous insight, wisdom and sensitivity to matters concerning the world around us.  Charles is a sharp observer, highly skillful and intelligent, acutely in tune with global realities – pitfalls and opportunities – never over hasty though, but also

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