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Dividends Witholding Tax – FAQ

DWT is a tax on dividends received by a shareholder and is a ‘withholding’ tax. This means that the entity paying the dividend must subtract the tax from the dividend and withhold the tax before paying the net dividend to the shareholder. Click here to read more …..

Market Commentary – JAPAN – by RMB Asset Management International

“A 9.0 magnitude earthquake occurred off the north-eastern coast of Japan on 11 March (Friday). This is the largest earthquake ever recorded in Japan and Prime Minister Naoto Kan has said the nation is facing its sternest test since World War II as it tackles the aftermath of an earthquake, tsunami and a growing nuclear crisis. Thus far 1,500 bodies have been found, but estimates of a final death toll are up to ten times this figure.”   Read on…..

Money Marketing Newsletter – Lessons for our budgets

Next Wednesday sees the presentation of the annual Budget by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. This is a very big occasion for SA inc and pages are devoted to it, opinions are expressed and written. The Budget is – in essence – our roadmap as a country for the year. So while next week will be devoted to the National Budget we felt it appropriate to take a few lessons into our own budgets.

Lessons for our budgets from the nation’s Budget

The Budget is one of the biggest occasions in the country – extensively followed. In coverage and opinion it may rank second only to announcements of various sporting teams and natural disasters. Each year South Africans are invited to submit their Budget tips on the National Treasury website. But there are many lessons we can take from the country’s Budget and put into practice in our own budgets. Budgets are massive occasions for the country and for businesses – they are that important and we need to make our own budgets equally important.   Continue reading Money Marketing Newsletter – Lessons for our budgets

National Budget Speech and Related Matters

For this year’s National Budget Speech and related matters Click on the links below to access the documents:
1.     National Budget speech – 17 February 2010
2.     Budget Highlights
3.     Budget Tax Highlights
4.     Budget Tax Pocket Guide
CLICK HERE to access the SARS website to download the Budget Tax Proposals, People’s Guides, National Budget Review 2010, Estimates of National Expenditure 2010 and other helpful budget documents.

Links are also available on the SARS website to view the Live Webcast of the Budget Speech on the Treasury website and the State of the Nation Address speech by our President, Jacob Zuma on 11 February 2010.


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