Does Financial News Matter?

Warren Ingram, CFP says financial news is noise: It might seem strange for a person who appears regularly in the media to state that financial news is noise.  I feel that very little financial reporting contains valuable information.  Real-time financial news actually inhibits good financial decision-making.  Most investors would be better off if they ignored financial […]

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Comprehensive Research by Alexander Forbes reveals startling facts

I recently attended an interesting presentation by Alexander Forbes regarding one of the most comprehensive research exercises ever done on employee benefits in SA. The “Alexander Forbes Benefits Barometer” has been published “against the background of government concerns that South Africa has one of the lowest savings ratios in the world. For example, the current

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The power of compounding returns

Compounding occurs when investment returns are added to your original investment and these additional amounts then start generating returns as well. Over time, you therefore earn returns on an increasingly larger investment, which magnifies the growth of your savings. In fact, Einstein himself referred to the effect of compounding as the “most powerful force in the

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What We Know For Sure

According to Delphine Govender, portfolio manager, Allan Gray, “We know for sure that we don’t know where the South African stock market might move to in the short term”. What we also know for sure is that there are a number of “Key investing truths” which we would be well advised to be mindful of. 

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