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Efficient Research – Events To Watch: 26 – 30 October 2009

The effect of the global economic slowdown has been felt by fiscal finances this year. An expansionary fiscal policy framework was adopted to counter the recession in South Africa. Over the past year, there have been various infrastructure development projects with an eye on the 2010 Soccer World cup and beyond. There were also significant …

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Some Notes On The World Around US – World Equity Markets Towards 2011

Charles Snyman of the Efficient Groep says:  The current world equity market environment can be summarized as follows: The world is in a good news environment which will probably last through 2010 to somewhere in 2011. Company and economic news in all major world centers will continue to break news better than expected or better …

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The Weekly Focus

I shall, amongst several other articles, be posting Stanlib’s Weekly Focus only periodically as one of several opinions available on the market.  In order to get a broad-based outlook, various opinions are obviously essential whilst avoiding unnecessary repetitive hollow-backed words.  Read on…….(For those who are not quite up to date with the everyday financial terminology …

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Efficient Research

MPC Interest Rate Decision – ‘A Huge surprise’ – Report by Freddie Mitchell (Economist) The SARB lowered its main repo interest rate by 50 basis points to 7%, as effective from 14 August 2009. There are (also) encouraging signs that the global slowdown may have reached its lower turning point.  Read on….

Economic and Market Analysis January 2009

Despite negative prospects for international economies, there remains optimism that the South African economy will withstand recession woes. Key economic events over the next month may lead to a strong recovery on South African financial markets. Read on

The Good, the Bad and the (not so) Ugly

The slowdown in consumer inflation from the peak reached in August is a very welcome development.  The Outlook of inflation depends on various factors.  Economist, Doret Els, briefly highlights “The Good”, “The Bad” and “The (not so) Ugly”. Read the rest of this entry…..