As a South African, what are your concerns?

As a South African, what are your concerns? If they are of a financial nature, e.g. Life Assurance, Disability Protection, Income Protection, Motor, Home, Business Protection, or saving/investing for/at Retirement or any other purpose – INSURED INVESTMENT BROKERS is an unbiased, fully transparent independent brokerage able to offer appropriate professional advice and a selected range of the best insurance and investment solutions available in South Africa.

We can assist you whether you are an individual or a business.

A most outstanding component of our service offering is centered on our Investment Management Solutions, our Business and Employee Benefit Solutions and our Short Term Insurance Solutions for individuals and businesses.

A survey conducted by Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) in eight European countries has found that pressure at work/school, the financial crisis and concerns about the family,  keep Europeans awake at night.  Getting sick or losing a loved one is seen as their biggest risk by most.  Hence my question to South Africans…. What are your concerns?

If it’s about your financial wellbeing – the creation of wealth and the protection of what you already have, Insured Investment Brokers is able to assist.  Just as a matter of interest you may want to read further what else people in those other countries worry about.  Read on ….