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Does Financial News Matter?

Warren Ingram, CFP says financial news is noise: It might seem strange for a person who appears regularly in the media to state that financial news is noise.  I feel that very little financial reporting contains valuable information.  Real-time financial news actually inhibits good financial decision-making.  Most investors would be better off if they ignored financial news. Read on …

Comprehensive Research by Alexander Forbes reveals startling facts

I recently attended an interesting presentation by Alexander Forbes regarding one of the most comprehensive research exercises ever done on employee benefits in SA. The “Alexander Forbes Benefits Barometer” has been published “against the background of government concerns that South Africa has one of the lowest savings ratios in the world.

For example, the current national savings rate of about 16% of GDP is significantly lower than that of BRICS countries like China (53%)India (34%) and Russia (28%).

There is also concern about lack of preservation of retirement fund assets, which means that currently, only about 10% of working South Africans will be able to maintain their pre-retirement level of consumption after they retire”

This is a scary fact – how many of us are living in denial? Continue reading Comprehensive Research by Alexander Forbes reveals startling facts

This Christmas there’s no such thing as a free pudding!

I have found this little economic “exercise” delightfully interesting – with Christmas hardly a fortnight away!

Upon closer examination of the “menu” and after reading the notes at the end, I have decided not to “skip the pudding” over the festive season, but rather tighten my “financial belt” (budget effectively) and invest my savings in a concerted effort to build wealth during 2013 and beyond! How about joining me in a most worthwhile New Year’s Resolution and lets put together a plan to fight inflation in real terms and start experiencing a real sense of financial wellbeing and a feeling of accomplishment as we usher in our own new look wealth creation and wealth protection program during 2013.  Continue reading This Christmas there’s no such thing as a free pudding!

The Importance of a Financial Adviser

Many investors approach financial service providers directly because they believe they can get a better deal by cutting out the ‘middle man’, the financial advisor. Getting appropriate financial advice is, however, essential to your financial wellbeing.  Read on …

As a South African, what are your concerns?

As a South African, what are your concerns? If they are of a financial nature, e.g. Life Assurance, Disability Protection, Income Protection, Motor, Home, Business Protection, or saving/investing for/at Retirement or any other purpose – INSURED INVESTMENT BROKERS is an unbiased, fully transparent independent brokerage able to offer appropriate professional advice and a selected range of the best insurance and investment solutions available in South Africa.

We can assist you whether you are an individual or a business.

A most outstanding component of our service offering is centered on our Investment Management Solutions, our Business and Employee Benefit Solutions and our Short Term Insurance Solutions for individuals and businesses.

A survey conducted by Zurich Insurance Group (Zurich) in eight European countries has found that pressure at work/school, the financial crisis and concerns about the family,  keep Europeans awake at night.  Getting sick or losing a loved one is seen as their biggest risk by most.  Hence my question to South Africans…. What are your concerns?

If it’s about your financial wellbeing – the creation of wealth and the protection of what you already have, Insured Investment Brokers is able to assist.  Just as a matter of interest you may want to read further what else people in those other countries worry about.  Read on ….

The power of compounding returns

Compounding occurs when investment returns are added to your original investment and these additional amounts then start generating returns as well. Over time, you therefore earn returns on an increasingly larger investment, which magnifies the growth of your savings. In fact, Einstein himself referred to the effect of compounding as the “most powerful force in the universe”! Read on ….

Economic Dashboard October 2012

All economies move in cycles: good times follow bad times which again follow the good times. The trend over time is upward. Though each cycle will have its own
unique characteristics, depth and duration, the chart below presents a simplified view of the business cycle. Below the chart is an explanation of the four typical
stages of the business cycle, and the economic indicators associated with each chart. Read on…

Should I set aside cash for my withdrawals?

A person drawing down from their investments can choose from a number of different withdrawal strategies. One popular strategy is to set aside enough cash at the beginning of each year to meet that year’s spending requirements. The cash set aside earns money market interest rates at very low risk, while the rest of the investment portfolio is subject to the vagaries (and volatility) of the equity markets. Read on…

What We Know For Sure

According to Delphine Govender, portfolio manager, Allan Gray, “We know for sure that we don’t know where the South African stock market might move to in the short term”. What we also know for sure is that there are a number of “Key investing truths” which we would be well advised to be mindful of.  Read the rest of this entry

The Simple Truths by Money Marketing

My advice to my clients as well as prospective clients is – please do yourselves a good act and read these simple truths presented here by Money Marketing about investing.  The contents bear out what I often emphasise in my practice to clients and which, unfortunately, are not always acted upon – to their own long term detriment.  Here you have it in writing – be wise and read on…. Continue reading The Simple Truths by Money Marketing

A single professional financial advisor is the future of financial planning

It is often required of me to “educate” new clients to understand just how important it is to approach their financial planning from a holistic point of view and not from a single need, product driven point of view.  Holistic planning takes more time, but it is the right thing to do if you’re serious about protecting your assets and creating wealth.  

The following article taken from the 05/2011 edition of FIA-Inform, highlights the value of a single, professional financial planner’s role as apposed to utilising the services of different agents/advisors/brokers promoting particular products to address a single need – whether that particular product made sense within the broader context of the clients’ life, overall financial obligations or long term financial plans, was irrelevant.  Continue reading A single professional financial advisor is the future of financial planning