Efficient Research – Red Day (also) for Resources

The market, at present, contains sufficient elements to make the informed investor nervous, (not to speak about the uninformed), but it is important to keep the original intention of investing into the market uppermost in our minds and not allow ourselves to be distracted by only the negative news on the surface.  Beneath it all, significant positive outcomes are being realized. From these levels (and it could go lower) we’ll undoubtedly be able to unlock some significant growth opportunities when the market turns.  The effect of increased interest rates, for example, are also filtering through and slowing down consumer spending significantly, which in due course should have the desired effect on further bringing down inflation. 

Back at the market, however, Efficient Research shows that “The JSE All share was (again) dipped in red yesterday, closing 3.11% lower (28 392).  An array of bad news was doing the rounds in the market, including U.S. markets being in bear territory, record oil prices, declines in consumer confidence worldwide and tighter monetary environments”. Read on

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