Estate Planning

 Read the Article about Estate Planning compiled by Daleen Harris of Glacier Fiduciary Services

Just a note regarding the reference in the write-up to “Our basket of services, aimed at clients with estates of R15m and above” please be advised, however, that although Glacier Fiduciary Services is “aimed at clients with estates of R15m and above,” we (Insured Investment Brokers) also do comprehensive estate planning and financial planning for the “smaller” client with a substantially smaller estate who could undoubtedly also benefit hugely from proper financial and estate planning in order to:

  • Reduce estate duty liability
  • Reduce capital gains tax (CGT) liability
  • Reduce income tax liability
  • Ensure that there is sufficient liquidity in the estate
  • Ensure the smooth and efficient administration of deceased estates
  • Protect against insolvency and inflation

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