Funds on Friday – a Time to buy

A lot has been said about South Africa’s current political crisis and the economic effects thereof. Even more has been written about the current financial crises globally and the global slowdown in growth. I will not bore you with yet another rehash of the same hypothesis and analysis. What I will say is that no matter what you hear the so called “experts” say, just as they did not see it coming so too will they not see how it will be resolved.

From an investment point of view it is useful to separate what we do know and what we don’t. What we do not know is how and when the economic scenario will unfold and what the exact repercussions will be. We do know that economies endure and great companies emerge from periods of uncertainty and economic contraction even more powerful than before. We also know that during times of uncertainty and fear investors who are patient stand to gain significant wealth. Read on

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