Money Marketing Newsletter – Synchronised recession, desynchronised recovery; SA listed property

In today’s newsletter we take a look at the ever present topic of the global recovery and what we could expect in 2010. The recession hit everyone hard – at mostly the same time. But the recovery from that recession is significantly different across the globe. Key to how well you recover from this recession is what sort of shape you were in when it happened. We also have an article on the South African listed property sector.

Synchronised recession

Speaking at a Plexus media day presentation, Pimco’s managing director and portfolio manager Paul McCulley, said that while the recession most recently experienced was synchronised, the recovery from the recession will not be as synchronised. Plexus has been appointed as Pimco’s South African representative and distribution partner.  

How well you come out the recession depends on how healthy you were when it happened.

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