What’s your money personality?

Thorough research has shown that an investor’s “money personality” is an important consideration when making investment decisions. The following feature is posted on health.com under “mind” for your consideration. For a proper evaluation of your financial personality contact eugene@iibrokers.co.za. The 9 Money Personalities Do your friends call you a cheapskate, or is shopping a form of

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Estate Planning

 Read the Article about Estate Planning compiled by Daleen Harris of Glacier Fiduciary Services Just a note regarding the reference in the write-up to “Our basket of services, aimed at clients with estates of R15m and above” please be advised, however, that although Glacier Fiduciary Services is “aimed at clients with estates of R15m and

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What the Experts say

Professor Chris Harmse’s Economic and Market Analysis provides some interesting reading.  His closing comment, in particular, is what you and I need to be conscious about over the next number of months:  “Given the expected strong increase in electricity prices in April, inflation will continue to rise strongly. Therefore, we expect that share prices may

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Wat die Kenners sê

Professor Chris Harmse se Ekonomiese en Mark-analise verskaf hierdie week interessante leesstof.  Sy kommentaar in sy afsluitparagraaf is veral belangrik vir jou en my, naaamlik:  “Gegewe die verwagte sterk styging in elektrisiteitspryse in April, sal inflasie steeds sterk styg. Dus verwag ons dat aandelepryse nog ‘n afwaartse korreksie kan ondervind en vir die volgende drie

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Hoe goed ken jy jouself?

Is jou bynaam Scrooge?  Of dra jy dalk ‘n t-hemp wat wyd en syd verkondig: Born to Shop!  Of … werk jy dalk so hard dat jy vergeet om geld te maak?! Dit is tipiese geldpersoonlikheidseienskappe.  Het jy geweet dat jy ‘n geldpersoonlikheid het?  En dat jou geldpersoonlikheid jou houding teenoor geld bepaal en ‘n

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Using a retirement annuity as an estate planning tool

The following Article highlights some of the benefits of Retirement Annuities and makes for interesting reading:  (Should you have any enquiries on this article please email me at eugene@iibrokers.co.za.) 31 January 2008 COMPILED BY: TINY CARROLL OF GLACIER FIDUCIARY SERVICES Additional contributions to an RA provide opportunities for astute financial planning. It’s RA-season again!!!!! It

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