Money Marketing Newsletter – Time facts to never forget – sometimes we are just not that unique

In today’s newsletter we look at the importance of time. Today the focus has been the release of Nelson Mandela 20 years ago. It has been a privilege to share such an exciting time in South Africa’s history. Each generation has their moment of text book copy that they share in – sometimes it is more than one – the recent financial crisis would be another of our moments in the record books. 20 years can seem both a long and a short time – what does time mean in an investment and how do we view time, how do we make sure our timeframe for our investments matches our timeframe of life?  

Time facts to never forget – sometimes we are just not that unique  

We were reminded yesterday that it is always risky to say that something that is happening is unprecedented.

Investec Asset Management portfolio manager Clyde Rossouw made the excellent point that government debt to GDP ratios have been high in the past (for example World War II). Government debt has been on our minds a lot as deficits worldwide balloon and countries run into severe trouble. Read on…

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