What the Experts Say May 2008 Economic & Market Analysis

The signs are clear to me, as a Financial Advisor, and seen from the view point of some very highly qualified analysts, that this is a time to hold on to your shares or market-linked investments.  Professor Chris Harmse says the following:  “In the March issue of technical analysis, the following was forecast: ‘I am of the opinion that after this current correction that is now taking place the Top 40 index will push through the October 2007 highs and make new all-time highs.”  “As can be seen from the chart above, (see page 3) the Top 40 index did indeed push through the October 2007 high.  Technically, the market is in an upward trend and should continue for the next few months. The Top 40 index will be at risk, should it fall below the upward trend line.  Investors should, however, HOLD and not sell their shares.”  Read more

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