The power of compounding returns

Compounding occurs when investment returns are added to your original investment and these additional amounts then start generating returns as well. Over time, you therefore earn returns on an increasingly larger investment, which magnifies the growth of your savings. In fact, Einstein himself referred to the effect of compounding as the “most powerful force in the

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Kleinsakeondernemings het ? hupstootjie nodig

Sanlam Besigheids- en Professionele Markte,  Ekonomiese Oorsig : September 2012 Klein sakeondernemings, het dikwels hoë rathefboom-verhoudings en is geneig om tydens periodes waar rentekoerse skerp daal en groei  sterk versnel, goed te presteer.  Een voorbeeld is die tydperk vanaf middel-2003 tot en met laat in 2007 toe die reële Bruto Binnelandse Produk (BBP) groei gedurende

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Confessions of an unreconstructed neo-liberal fundamentalist

Let us consider what Dawie Roodt has to say here about “Confessions of an unreconstructed neo-liberal fundamentalist” and follow his views in the next four editions of his newsletter which will be “dedicated to his plan for the economy”.  This should make for both interesting and thought provoking reading – which, coming from Dawie, is

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Back in 1696 the then Bank of England was facing financial strain. To rectify the situation, King William III instituted a Window Tax. Under the new tax, each house would pay tax based on the number of windows that it had. In theory this tax was well conceived. It was easy to assess (counting the


What We Know For Sure

According to Delphine Govender, portfolio manager, Allan Gray, “We know for sure that we don’t know where the South African stock market might move to in the short term”. What we also know for sure is that there are a number of “Key investing truths” which we would be well advised to be mindful of. 

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